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I'm always up to weird things, whether I tell it or not. This Christmas vacation, I plan to tackle a project that I have always wanted to do–create my own virtual computer architecture.

Composer’s Comment:「Recently, I feel like I haven’t seen stars. I’ll try to walk looking up. Yeah, I’ll do that.」

Artist: みきとP (Mikito-P)
Title: 「同級生」 ("Doukyuusei / Classmate")
from the album "GOOD SCHOOL GIRL [limited edition]"

One of the first keeno songs that I liked.

Lyricist: 164
Composer: 40 meters / 40㍍P
Arrangement: 1640mP(164×40mP)
Singer: Miku Hatsune
Drums and Guitar: 164
Piano and Bass: 40 meters / 40㍍P

I find Japan's concept of summer very interesting. Very interesting indeed, that it seems melancholic, yet tranquil, at the same time.

(This song was translated with the help of N. Masa. I didn't know what the "え+ど" conjugation meant. Thanks, 先生!)

This is my own translation of one of my new favorite songs, "Sirius". His songs really do pack a lot when it comes to lyrics, and I just can't let such a beautiful song go by untranslated.

Lyrics: buzzG
Composer: buzzG
Vocals: Miku Hatsune
Piano: Nio-P