Recommended Shiba Inu YouTube Channels

Different dogs come with different personalities. However, shiba inus, a dog breed native from Japan, might be one of the weirdest.

Watching them can be fun, so if you have not much to do, check them out sometimes. Here are some weird ones in no specific order.


Michy has this weird bark (besides that she gets easily annoyed by Kanta's presence and also doesn't want to get out of bed). She lives together with Kanta (a playful dog) and Anne (a wheelchaired dog, hopefully will recover soon).

Unfortunately, Michy died already under the loving care of her owner. She died of old age.

See how Kanta is being wild in the room, making Mitchy bark in anger.

Michy, Kanta, and Anne's YouTube channel can be found here.


Taiga likes being petted and given attention. Thing is, he expresses appreciation by growling. No, he won't bite. That's just how he shows that he's happy.

Taiga's YouTube channel can be found here.

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